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What Door Locks Should I Choose?

What Door Locks Should I Choose?
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It's not peculiar that locks and keys have been at the center of the human attention for centuries and centuries. The right for privacy and security is definitely part of human civilization and the priority of all people. With the great progress in technology and the simultaneous increase of property crime, it's not at all strange that there are different types of door locks. Not all of them are appropriate for main entrances and each serves different needs and purposes. So, we must watch out what we pick.

Discover some lock types

Locksmith Service 24/7 ServicesDeadbolt installation is definitely a must when it comes to consider what locks to get for the front and back door. They don't just lock with a latch but with a one inch bolt, which extends and enters the hole of the strike plate that is placed at the door jamb. That's why they offer maximum security and are the best for main entry points. Most dead bolts have a single cylinder and that means that they need a key to enter the premises while internally they have a turn button. Double cylinder security door locks need a key on both sides and although they are not usually allowed for prevention of entrapment during emergencies, they make an excellent choice when the door has glass. Perpetrators cannot break the glass and turn the button to make the lock open.

Despite the fact that passage door locksets are used for in-house doors, if they can be combined with a dead bolt, they will make an excellent way to avoid a house lockout. Though, for external doors you can also get electronic bolts keyless or not. Some will need a key but the newest technology will just need a code. That means fewer cares about lost house keys and there is no chance that someone will pick the lock. Some electronic locks have an alarm if the wrong code is used more than three times. Some have panels indicating the status of the door. The more advanced locks are actually biometric. They won't need either keys or codes. So, no more remembering codes or key replacement! You just store a special feature – usually one finger – and use it as your private key. It can't get more private than that!

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